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Viola Luxury Mhotel

is founded on the ambition of combining luxury and design concepts with excellent services in order to offer not only a stay but a veritable sensorial experience.

Lights, colours, fine fabrics and furnishings have been researched and selected with the greatest care in order to create a romantic or relaxing atmosphere according to your wishes.

The hotel is designed so that the guests can use all the rooms in absolute privacy and peace. Each parking space is equipped with a private lift for direct access to the room. The same philosophy of exclusive privacy is also applicated to the service, which is ensured by our discrete as well as “invisible” staff, always attentive and precise in every way, 24/7. Extremely high cleanliness and comfort standards are set, from the anti-allergy, anti-bacterial and anti-mite furniture and linen to the air freshening system and the complete care taken over every room change.

How it works
Viola Motel was designed to ensure its clients complete privacy.
  • One way access entrance
  • Check-in directly by car
  • Private box for each room
  • Direct elevator from the box to the room
  • Check-out directly by car
  • One way exit

It is not only a luxury room but also a sensorial experience: warm and cosy lighting, a soft blend of colours, fabrics and furniture chosen for their pleasant feel. A world of beauty and sensuality to stop time and shut the rest of the world out.


Five bedrooms whose design aimes at stirring up emotions. Created and perfected down to the last detail, it is the ideal place to host our guest’s relaxation and wishes. An experience that you will want to repeat again and again.


Luxury is a sensation which comes from atmosphere and details. Nothing is left to chance, nothing is overlooked. Enjoy a stay at Viola: the exceptional service and attractive elegance of these rooms will win you over.

Make your stay
even more unforgettable

Would you like to celebrate a special occasion or just organize a unique surprise? While booking your room or suite at Viola Luxury Motel, you should order an hand-crafted heart-shaped cake and customize it with a short message. Choose your favourite cake!

Enjoy some exquisite sushi from an artisanal Japanese restaurant directly in your room to satisfy everyone of the five senses, especially taste!

Decorate your Viola Luxury Motel room in order to create a romantic floral atmosphere.

Make your stay at Viola Luxury Motel really special: organize a surprise to your lover. While booking, ask to create a magical atmosphere decorating your room with red heart-shaped balloons.

Viola Luxury Motel philosophy, inspired to pleasure and well-being, is completed by the Wellness area. Book your access to the SPA, which includes sauna, steam room, ice fall, aromatherapy showers, relaxing area with drinks and fruits. Your stay would definitely become a regenerating experience for body and mind.

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    Soggiorno breve fino a 5 ore
    Dalle 7 alle 19€70
    Dalle 19 alle 7€75
    Oltre 5 ore / Pernottamento
    Senza colazione€135
    Con colazione€150
    Soggiorno breve fino a 5 ore
    Soggiorno breve€120
    Oltre 5 ore / Pernottamento
    Con colazione anche in camera€180
    Soggiorno breve fino a 5 ore
    Dalla domenica al giovedì€144
    Venerdì e sabato€160
    Oltre 5 ore / Pernottamento
    Con colazione anche in camera€240
    Soggiorno breve fino a 5 ore
    Dalla domenica al giovedì€162
    Venerdì e sabato€180
    Oltre 5 ore / Pernottamento
    Con colazione anche in camera€260

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